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Fashion & Race Syllabus

Rikki is the co-editor of The Fashion and Race Syllabus, an ongoing academic project exploring the intersection of fashion and race, expanding upon and decentralizing fashion history. The project also strives to cultivate and sustain a (virtual) research space for fashion scholars of color.


Academic Writing

Rikki's research has appeared at Art Basel: Miami and has been published (or is forthcoming) in various academic journals and books, including BIAS: Journal of Dress Practice, Companion of African American Theatre and Performance, African-American Arts: Activism and Aesthetics, and QED: A Journal of GLBTQ Dressmaking.

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Rikki was most recently a faculty member at Washington University in St. Louis. She has also taught as a Teacher's Assistant at Parsons School of Design. She continues to guest lecture at universities and museums.